Marble cake with three types of chocolate

Favourite cake of chocolate lovers! White, milk and bitter Belgian chocolate creams are beautifully arranged in marble style and flavoured with different types of alcohol on top of a base made of chocolate biscuits. The cake is covered with crunchy truffle cream and seasonal berries.


Cream 35%, sugar, chocolate biscuits (wheat flour high variety, sugar, margarine (vegetable oil, flavourings), egg, condensed milk, cocoa, water, salt, raising agent (E500, E503), vanillin, flavouring), dark chocolate (cocoa paste, sugar, cocoa butter, emulsifier; soya lecithin E322, flavouring aroma; natural vanilla), milk chocolate (sugar, whole-milk powder, cocoa spread 24%, cocoa butter, emulsifier E322, flavouring, natural vanilla), white chocolate (sugar, hardened vegetable oil, cocoa butter, dry whey product, lactose, vegetable fat, emulsifier, sorbitan tristearate, soya lecithin, flavouring aromas), lemon, Vana Tallinn liqueur 40%, Amaretto liqueur 30%, gelatine, cocoa, truffle paste (sugar, hardener, vegetable fat and oil, hazelnut, skimmed-milk powder, cocoa, emulsifier, soya lecithin, vanilla), fruits, condensed milk (whole milk 55%, sugar 45%, solids)

Storage conditions +2 – +6 degrees and 72 hours